We Specialize in Welder Qualifications & Construction Services
We Specialize in Welder Qualifications & Construction Services

About NWIS

National Welding Inspection Specialists, LLC. is a privately owned and operated company with over twenty (20) years experience in the WELDING PROFESSION. created to provide the ever changing construction industry with reliable and professional WELDING & CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION SERVICES. Steel construction & welding has been rapidly growing in South Florida due to the need for stronger, safer buildings. But, because of stringent building codes, standards and project specifications only companies employing qualified welders are in the best position to be awarded these and all types of projects, establishing safety and security for all involved.

At NWIS our client's best interest is always at hand in all we do, our client's satisfaction is our goal.

  • To keep prices down and make the process more cost effective to you (our client) and more convenient, we ask that you provide the material, the consumables & the equipment.
  • If you do not have the facilities or for any reason you can not provide the material and/or equipment for the testing, at an additional charge we will be happy to furnish everything.
  • After the above conditions are met, then we provide professional, reliable and expert witnessing of the entire qualification process and proceed to test the welded sample as per applicable codes.
  • Upon successful completion of test results, a certificate wiU be awarded to the welder, qualifying him/her in the process, thickness range and position/s they tested on.
  • No matter what field of welding you specialize in or the process you wish to Qualify on, for example:
    • Pipe
    • Steel Plate
    • Aluminum
    • Stick Welding or Wire

We will get you Certified upon successful completion of the Welding Test Performance.

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