We Specialize in Welder Qualifications & Construction Services
We Specialize in Welder Qualifications & Construction Services


National Welding Inspection Specialists, LLC. Is proud to offer the following professional services to the construction industry in addition to the Welders Qualification Tests:

  • Welding Procedures
  • Bolt Testing
  • Shear Stud Inspections
  • Metal Roof and Floor Decking Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Material Thickness Testing
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspections
  • Structural Steel Shop and Field Inspections in Accordance with AWS, AISC, ASME and many others
  • Inspection of Welded Metal Wall Stud Systems and Concrete Precast Floor and Wall Panels
  • Visual Welding Inspections as per AWS, API, ASME, ABS, EPRI, AISC, ASTM, etc
  • NDT Testing (Ultrasonic, Dye-Penetrant & Magnetic Particle)
  • Steel Piping Inspections of Oil Refineries, Chillers, CoGeneration & Nuclear Plants, Manufacturing, Water Treatment and Waste Water Plants and Natural Gas Facilities
  • Create a Quality Control Manual
  • Vapor Moisture Test of Concrete Slab
  • Post Tensioning of Concrete Slabs
  • Paint and Coating Inspections of Structural Steel
  • Traffic Light and Sign Structure Inspections
  • Prefabricated Parking Structure lnspections
  • lnspections of Communication Towers & Amusement Park
  • Videoprobing of high Purity Stainless Pipe used in Pharmaceutical plants, Food Processing and Spring Water Plants
  • Concrete Testing
  • Bulk Storage Tank lnspection
  • CCTV Video lnspections of Drainage and Sewer Gravity Lines
  • Monitor Pile Driving or Drilled Shafts Operations


  • Supervision QA/QC
  • Change Order Reviews
  • Construction Supervision
  • "ADA" Conformance Inspections
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